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Plant Growth Enhancer Proven Effective at Increasing Nitrogen Uptake in Plants

Grower’s Secret PROFESSIONAL increases plant growth and reduces potential for nitrate runoff

San Francisco (September 12, 2012) – Grower’s Secret™ Inc. (, a Hawaii-based provider of leading edge plant technology and nutrients, announced today new data that shows their plant growth enhancer “Grower’s Secret PROFESSIONAL” (“GSP”) increases yield as well as nitrogen uptake by plants, which could decrease nitrate leaching into soil and groundwater. In a series of garden and bench trials conducted in their research lab, Grower’s Secret demonstrated that corn plants treated with GSP grew twice as tall and utilized 50% more nitrogen than untreated control plants.

Grower’s Secret PROFESSIONAL is an OMRI-listed plant growth enhancer derived from scientific research begun in the late 1990’s. This patented “mushroom” technology operates at the cellular level, enticing a plant to efficiently utilize nutrients. This results in faster growth and greater uniform yields.

Nutrient management continues to be an ever-challenging art and science practiced by agricultural experts. Plants grow faster with adequate fertility that allows them to reach their true potential, but getting the correct amount of fertilizer to a plant and not applying too much is the challenge. For growers, nitrogen is the primary agricultural fertilizer cost. Grower’s Secret has sought to find ways to support growers in lowering costs, managing nitrogen fertilizer to increase crop nitrogen use efficiency, and managing crop plants to capture more nitrogen.

In a current study, corn seeds soaked in a dilute solution of Grower’s Secret Professional (2 drops/gallon water) resulted in plants that were nearly twice as tall as plants from seeds soaked in water. Interestingly, the GSP treated plants used 50% more nitrate from the soil than the control plants. This was due to the higher emergence frequency and faster growth with the GSP treatment. Significant nitrate uptake was also observed by GSP treatment in germination bag tests. “While this is great news” said Chun, “users will have to use their education, experience, and training to optimize their fertilizer use with GSP.” 

These findings are significant to California growers in light of current concerns that nitrate pollution in groundwater, which has been linked to birth defects such as blue baby syndrome, will lead to new government regulations and increased costs. In a March 2012 study conducted by the University of California at Davis in response to state legislation, it was reported that the overwhelming majority of nitrates found in groundwater are traceable to agriculture. Synthetic fertilizer amounts to 54% of applied nitrogen. The study said that, in cropland, less than 40% of applied nitrogen is removed by crop harvest. Nitrogen not removed by harvest, air emission, or runoff is leached from the root zone to groundwater.
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Nitrogen is needed to develop biomass and for DNA building in plants. Aside from legumes, plants do not get nitrogen from the air. Plants are able to use mineralized nitrogen such as ammonium (NH4+) and nitrate (NO3-). These are the main sources of nitrogen in chemical fertilizers. However, plants can only use a certain amount at a time and some nutrients will be lost. Growers are currently limited to lowering fertilizer input or slowing water movement through the soil to manage nutrient runoff.

Grower’s Secret, Inc. offers a third choice for both traditional and organic farms.

Applying products that can be readily accessed and utilized by the plant is one means of reducing unwanted runoff and nutrient pollution in water systems. According to Chaz Berman, Grower’s Secret Chief Executive Officer, “Grower’s Secret offers organic products that are easily utilized by plants and that stimulate plants to absorb water and nutrients faster, help build strong systems, and significantly increase yields.”

A naturally occurring plant-based nitrogen, “Grower’s Secret NITROGEN” (“GSN”), is another new introduction by Grower’s Secret. Used at the same rate for foliar feeding, GSN 16-0-0 contains1/3 the nitrate content found in 20-20-20 synthetic fertilizer but provides the same amount of nutrient (N) to the plant. One ounce of GSN per gallon water for foliar feeding has 26.4 ppm NO3- compared to 75 ppm for a synthetic equivalent. If a grower wants to apply fewer nitrates in the field and achieve the same nutritional results, GSN may be the solution. Combining GSN with GSP shows the promise of added value to the grower and his system by providing improved plant nutrition and reducing the potential for NO3- runoff in the soil.

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Grower’s Secret, Inc. with research labs in Hawaii, and corporate offices and manufacturing in the San Francisco and Oakland, offers a complete collection of organic plant nutrients for commercial growers as well as home gardeners. Grower’s Secret, Inc. is a Certified B Corporation committed to providing maximum results with minimal environmental footprint. 

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