Top 9 Reasons We Use Fish Emulsion.

Red Daisy

Many experts will tell you that one of the most important things you can do to help your organic garden thrive is fertilize it. Yes, sunshine is important and yes, soil absolutely matters, but plants – like people – need nutrients to grow.

 When we were trying to figure out what organic fertilizer medium would be best to use in our Grow Green 521, one that would be easy for people interested in organic gardening to use, we chose organic fish emulsion. Here’s why:

  1. Organic fish emulsion, derived from organic and unused fish parts, is a natural resource that might otherwise be wasted.
  2. Organic fish emulsion contains ample NPK (nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium).
  3. Organic fish emulsion puts micronutrients back into the soil, constantly replenishing and rebuilding.
  4. It’s an excellent “all purpose” fertilizer that can be used in any situation.
  5. It’s generally mild and less prone to “burn” plants.
  6. Organic fish emulsion can be used as a root/soil drench and as a foliar spray.
  7. Unlike synthetics, organic fish emulsion poses no risk of dangerous runoff or aquifer contamination
  8. The minerals and other organic matter that fish emulsion puts into the soil makes for healthier, more pest-resistant plants.
  9. We love the smell. Ha! Actually, we do now that we mixed it with lavender oil!

Maybe you have reasons of your own for using fish emulsion in your organic garden? Or maybe you prefer bat guano or compost tea or coffee grounds or…? We encourage you to post your comments and share your passion with the community.

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