"Small Business Matters" features Chaz Berman of Grower's Secret

Small Business Matters' Heather Clancy chatted with Chaz about how Grower's Secret balances their carbon footprint with unavoidable buisness. Yes, the products are green, but the company is striving for a meaningful and sustainable balance in all business practices, as well.  Read what Chaz has to say about it in this article...

Sometimes, being all-virtual isn’t the answer

My personal passions include an interest in businesses created with the idea that products don’t have to be bad for the environment to be effective. So, several weeks ago, I found myself chatting with Chaz Berman, CEO of Grower’s Secret, a Honolulu-based company that makes what it calls plant growth enhancer.

This isn’t my green column, so what I’ll say about the company’s products is pretty basic. Berman describes it as organic juice that helps improve the growth of fruits and vegetables. It is derived from mushrooms, specially those that growth in symbios with eucalyptus. “It comes from nature, and it is self-propagating in the lab, meaning we can create a sustainable supply of the substance,” Berman said.

But this isn’t about Grower’s Secrets products, its about its use of technology. Like most start-up companies, Grower’s Secret has used the principles of nimbleness and flexibility to guide its technology investments. Aside from its location in Hawaii, the company has a processing site in Oakland, Calif., and a sales and marketing office in San Francisco. Berman said it was only natural that Grower’s Secret look to the Internet and various cloud-delivered software applications to help connect these offices. Along the way, it began using conferencing technology and services extensively in order to communicate and to cut out an unnecessary travel.

Continue reading the full article at: http://www.zdnet.com/blog/small-business-matters/sometimes-being-all-virtual-isnt-the-answer/1182

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