Safer and More Nutritious Animal Feed

The Organic Movement to bring sustainable and healthful practices to farming practices and food products has been around for more than a century and seems it is here to stay, gaining in popularity by the minute. Today, the organic industry is one of the fastest growing sectors of the food and agriculture industry and consumers have shown that they are willing to pay a good price for good food.

It is simple enough to understand where organic produce comes from but what about organic meats? Organic animals must eat certified organic feed. This means:

  • No animal drugs, antibiotics or growth-hormones

  • No plastic pellets (used as roughage)

  • No Urea or Manure

  • No mammalian or poultry by-products

  • No feed additives or feed supplements in violation of the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act

  • No sulfites, nitrates or nitrites added during the production or handling process

The above products are allowed in non-organic animal feed and show the importance of producing more organic meats. Would you really want these non-organic products passed on to you? There are many organic-certified products on the market that are used by animal feed growers but as the demand for organic meats rises, the supply must rise as well.

Grower’s Secret Pro is an OMRI-Listed organic plant growth enhancer derived from edible fruits and has the ability to increase plant growth, crop yield and farm profitability. It has been used for commercial agriculture in conjunction with fertilizer to enhance plant growth. Grower’s Secret Pro has brought outstanding results to farmers in the Hawaiian Islands, since 1998 and is now available throughout the US.

Along with the Organic Movement has come the Urban Garden and Farm Movement. City dwellers are becoming more independent from outside food sources by growing and harvesting their own food. Today, it is not uncommon to see luscious gardens on a fire escape and hen houses in urban yards. Chickens have eclectic tastes and enjoy many of the fruits and vegetables that humans do.

Grow Big 521, with Grower’s Secret Pro inside, is a lavender-scented, all-purpose, fish emulsion fertilizer that comes ready to use on your home garden and can provide you with a bounty big enough to share with your family and feathered friends. It promotes faster plant growth, increased flower and fruit production, better resistance to pests and disease and prolonged shelf life of fruits and vegetables.

The Organic Movement is big and getting bigger. The demand for feed supplies is growing but with Grower’s Secret products, so are the farms and gardens.



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