Support Socially Responsible Businesses

A legislation being voted on in San Francisco may offer incentives to socially responsible businesses pursuing contracts in the city. Socially responsible businesses are businesses that work towards bettering their community environmentally or socially, rather than just focusing on ROI. These “benefit corporations” make their city a better place by giving more money to non-profits than traditional ROI-focused businesses and by creating a positive impact on the society and environment.

B Lab Certified Grower’s Secret is among these benefit companies, adding real value to their community. Grower’s Secret believes that companies, as well as individuals, should be environmentally and socially responsible. Grower’s Secret takes environmental and social responsibility seriously, considering environmental impact in every process and decision and promoting equality between all stakeholders, including employees and the community. Grower’s Secret works under their B Lab Certification, producing environmentally conscious products and encouraging gardeners and farmers to take the first step towards bio-dynamic and organic growing. Grower’s Secret also works with their team to build retained earnings, which support more sustainable growing practices, benefit Grower’s Secret Employees and support community outreach.

Benefit corporations like Grower’s Secret would be given a preference on bidding in San Francisco and a 4 percent discount on the bid price. These are the companies that will build upon communities in San Francisco. Show your support for benefit corporations.

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