7 Creative Gifts for the Gardening Mom

If your mom is a gardener, you are in luck. There are so many gifts that can be bought that she will love, but why not go the extra step to make her day an extra special one with a personal touch and a little creativity.

1) Sunny Morning Brunch
Treat mom to a nice brunch in her garden. Dress a table with linens and nice dishes. Cook some of her favorites and enjoy spending the morning with the sun, her beloved garden and your loving mother.

2) Food from the Heart
If you have any ripe herbs, veggies or fruits in your garden or indoor garden, jar them up. Make salsa with fresh tomatoes, onions, peppers and cilantro, or make jam with fresh fruits and herbs. You can also add a bow or personalized labels to give your gift that extra special touch mom will love.

3) Bountiful Bouquet
April showers bring May flowers. If your garden is blooming, create a unique bouquet from one gardener to another. Place her bouquet in a vase or wrap it in colorful paper or fabric.

4) Pretty Picture
Does your mom love her garden almost as much as she loves you? Preserve her garden during all seasons by painting or sketching a picture of it. If you are not so artistically inclined, you can also snap a picture and place it in a garden inspired frame.

5) Lend a Helping Hand
If your mom has a hard time getting around or could just use a break, take over her gardening chores for the day. Trim, weed, mow, water, fertilize and take over any chores she hasn’t been able to get to. 

6) A Journal for Her Thoughts
Gather some pictures of Mom’s garden or some dried flowers and herbs. Buy a plain journal and customize it with these items and label it ‘Mom’s Garden Journal.’

7) Make Old, New Again
Does your mom have some old terra cotta pots or watering pails lying around? Make them new again by painting them or adding pictures of yourself and siblings.

Mother’s Day is all about honoring your mom. Put a little extra work into your gifts this year to show your appreciation and love for her!

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