24 Hour Flowers

There is a certain mystique about flowers that bloom around a certain time. There are many different flowers that bloom during the morning, noon or night and shy away before dusk or dawn. They make a garden feel more alive and conscious, moving, blooming or growing rapidly in response to light and temperature.

Early Risers
Many morning bloomers open at dawn or early morning and close or wilt, being replaced by new flowers, by the afternoon or evening.

Morning Glory: Morning glory, one of the most well-known morning bloomers, opens its funnel-shaped flowers early in the morning, wilting away in the early afternoon and replaced the next day with new flowers. Morning Glory is usually vibrant blue or purple in color and requires minimal care, only needing to be cut back if it becomes invasive.

Daylily: Daylilies are another easy-to-grow plant. Like morning glory, daylilies, open in the morning and wilt by the evening. Daylilies come in a wide range of colors, with some varieties blooming at night or for an extended period of time.

California Poppy: California poppies bloom in the morning and close at night, closing if the sky becomes too dreary during the day, as well. California poppies come in a wide variety of colors ranging from yellow, orange, pink, white and red.

Jamaican Fever Plant: This clever little plant blooms in the summer, opening at dawn and closing as the sun sets. During the day, its flowers face the sun and turn to follow the sun’s position.

Night Owls
Night bloomers open to attract nocturnal pollinators such as moths, hummingbirds and bats. Many are highly scented to attract these pollinators, making them the perfect addition to a night spent relaxing in the garden.

Four o’Clock: Four o’clocks are one of the most entertaining flowers to have in a garden because you can almost watch them bloom at the strike of the hour. Four o’clocks range in color from pink to lavender and yellow and are said to smell like jasmine.

Moonflowers: Moonflowers are related to morning glory but have opposite blooming habits. Moonflowers bloom at dusk and wilt by dawn, being replace the next evening with pure white blossoms.

Night Phlox: Night phlox, or midnight candy, as it is known by evening gardeners is a very popular choice in night gardens for the sugary scent that is emitted by its blooms at night. Night phlox’s blooms stay tightly twisted together during the day, opening up into a large white bloom with maroon edges at dusk.


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