Grow a Cup of Tea

There is something so relaxing about a hot cup of tea. Its warmth is calming and herbal tea can be healing. It can take your mind into an open field or a sunny garden, bringing you into sweet serenity. So why not make your garden that sunny tea spot? Many delicious herbs used in herbal tea can be easily grown in your garden or in containers.

Paint a Picture of Health
All great paintings start with a quality canvas, just as all great plants start with quality soil and the right lighting. Choose a sunny spot and make sure that the soil is well drained. Then add your own compost or an organic fertilizer enhanced with NPK to promote the growth of seedlings.

What’s Your Flavor?
Chamomile: Chamomile flowers add a soft, delicate flavor, which promotes a calm demeanor and a sense of well-being.

Mint: Mint leaves are refreshing, uplifting, boosts concentration and is soothing to the stomach. Mint is extremely easy to grow, but is better kept pot bound so it doesn’t grow across your entire garden.

Lemon Verbena: Lemon verbena is easy to grow when given plenty of sun. The leaves pack a zingy citrus flavor that can brighten up any teapot.

Rose Hips: Instead of deadheading your rose bush, let it go to seed. Rose hips, the protective barrier around the seed, are full of vitamin C and will add a light citrus flavor to your cup.

Lavender: Lavender buds have a soft flavor and scent that reduces tension and headaches caused by stress.

Thyme: If you like to add a little spice to life, try adding thyme to your herbal tea. Thyme has a mild spiciness that has been used to treat stomach pains and sore throats.

Rosemary: Rosemary leaves have a very distinct taste, known to ease depression and promote blood circulation. Rosemary grows best in very well-drained soil.

The Perfect Cup
When your herbs have formed a fair share of leaves, buds, hips or flowers, take a few clippings back to your kitchen. Add approximately two tablespoons of your herbs to steaming hot water and let it steep for about five minutes. Strain and enjoy your fresh, healthy herbal tea.

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