Conventional Farming Goes Head to Head with Organic Farming

The conventional farming practices of applying pesticides and chemical fertilizer has led a long battle with the practices of gentler, eco-friendly organic farming. So who wins out?

Organic Farming
Organic farming requires more time and attention to amend and enrich the soil for healthy growth. Common practices include the use of manure, cover crops and compost, which is often shoveled and tilled into the soil. It is a much less efficient process than simply spraying pesticides and chemicals onto the soil and plants, but the result is worth it. These practices enrich the soil and produce, healthier, more nutrient-rich plants, which contribute to the natural biodiversity needed to promote a healthy and balanced eco-system.

Conventional Farming
Conventional farming often provides an easier and quicker solution to giving plants the nutrients needed to promote extensive growth, ridding of pests and is said to produce more product, but at what cost?

These products can pollute the environment and threaten the health of farm workers. Exposure to pesticides and consumption of products treated with pesticides has long been known to contribute to a wide range of health issues. Pesticides also pollute the air, run into our streams and degrade the natural balance of microorganisms that enrich the soil, weakening the natural biodiversity needed for a healthy ecosystem and damaging wildlife.

The use of chemical fertilizers is also very disruptive to the natural ecosystem. Chemical fertilizers often add a high concentration of nitrogen, leading to an imbalance of microorganisms in the soil and leaching into groundwater. This leads to a contamination of drinking water and causes algal growth, stripping much needed oxygen from the water with which aquatic life needs to survive.

The Solution
Along the battle lines, many have run to the middle, suggesting the use of small amounts of chemical fertilizer, but there is a better solution. Grower’s Secret Professional is an organic plant growth enhancer that speeds the uptake of nutrients and water. When used in combination with Grower’s Secret Nitrogen (not approved in all states, yet, so check with us) and Nature’s Balance 231, an organic fish emulsion fertilizer, there is no lack of nutrients needed for a healthy and bountiful crop. Grower’s Secret products are also easy to apply. They can be used as a heavy foliar spray, a root soak or run through a drip system. Grower’s Secret has OMRI Listed products available.

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