Organic Growing Mediums

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In today’s gardening world, it has never been easier to grow organically. There are many efficient growing mediums available. Organic mediums can be as simple as a specially formulated potting soil, or a more complex combination that you create yourself to optimize plant growth. So which is the best for you? Here are a few choices and key ingredients for you to consider:

Organic Soil- Finding a soil with good structure and the right pH is important for successful root growth. If you feel your soil is not ideal, there are plenty of ways to enhance and improve naturally.

Mulch- Organic mulches act as a top layer to help retain moisture and suppress weeds. As mulch decomposes it helps to increase soil fertility.

Compost- Containing higher levels of nutrients, compost is an excellent all-around growing medium. Mulch is good for awhile as a sole support to growing plants, but eventually will need to be supplemented with additional nutrients.

Peat- A semi-decayed plant matter, peat is a great alternative to add nutrients and retain moisture when added to soil. One of peat's major benefits is that it releases water slower than soil, dispersing it more evenly for optimal root growth.

Pumice- Used since ancient times as a growing medium, pumice is helpful for a variety of reasons. Pumice provides an environment that does not cater to insects, fungi, and other garden issues. In addition it has a neutral pH, easily controllable nutrients, does not break down or rot, retains moisture, provides good aeration to soil, and can aid in loosening clay soil.

Vermiculite- An excellent organic medium for containers, vermiculite is a mineral that has several beneficial properties. It has a high capacity for water retention and is very good in helping to aerate and drain. It is also a great source of magnesium and potassium. It is a popular soilless medium.

Rice Hulls- Used primarily for aiding drainage, rice hulls also come with the benefit of practicing sustainable gardening.

Whichever organic medium you decide to use, you can look forward to the benefits of all-natural, eco-friendly gardening.

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