Rose Care By The Season

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Seasonal Tips for Rose Care and Maintenance

A rose bush requires care and maintenance throughout the year. Every season impacts the health and growth of a rose bush. Take a look at some of the basic features that are part of rose care for each season.

  • Spring: It is during late winter and early spring that a rose bush is transplanted with its roots into the soil. Old mulch from the soil patch has to be removed and a good organic fertilizer has to be added along with fresh mulch.
  • Summer: During summer, remove dead flower heads regularly. Potted varieties may be transferred to pots. Water extensively so that the soil is well soaked. Soaking should be done at least twice or thrice a week, if not every day. Mulch regularly but fertilize only once or twice a month. Prune well.
  • Autumn: Autumn is the season when fertilizing of soil is on hold and pruning of leaves is not done. Regularly clear falling leaves. Make sure to water the soil well and deep before the frost sets in.
  • Winter: Desensitizing of the plant is required for rose buses growing in severely affected winter areas. After that, mulch the soil well to winterize the roses. Mulching has to be about a foot or two deep. Spray with a winter fungicide to prevent spores and fungal attacks.

There are some organic fertilizers that are very good for rose bush care and maintenance. Not only do they act as nutrients for the health of the plant, but also contribute to the amount of flowers the plant produces. Fertilizing should be during the spring and summer months, with four-week gaps in between.

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