Organic Garden - The Basics of Starting With Great Soil

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When it comes to growing a beautiful, healthy garden, there are many different aspects that go into the equation. First and formost, the soil is especially important. Without superior soil, the plant has no place to take root, resulting in a inferior plants. Organic soil has a way of giving additional nutrients to the plant, which gives it the building blocks for sustaining life, growing stronger and more fertile than without the organic soil.

There are different kinds of organic soil you need to select from. For starters, there is a clay based soil that makes it easier for material to break through the soil with a tiller. There is also a sandy based organic soil that holds together better - important for heavier, larger plants, where a long, thick stalk is necessary.

Organic soil helps for better water retention. Soil that is not able to retain the water is not going to direct the moisture towards the plants rooting system, which results in the plant either failing to grow, or simply dying off due to the lack of hydration. The organic matter inside soil allows the soil to hold the water tighter under ground level, which helps the plant stay hydrated, especially during the hot, dry months. Simply adding a bit of organic material prior to watering helps this, which is important for locations that are experiencing drought or limited water production, ensuring adequate water to the plant.

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