Growing Greens the Easy Way

Growing Greens is Easy!

You don't have to be a homeowner with a green thumb, even a beginner with some containers can start growing their own nutritious greens. Most greens are very easy to grow and require very little maintenance, which is ideal if you have a busy lifestyle.

Greens like spinach, collard greens, mustard green and kale are some of the easiest to grow. Because of this and the fact that they are rich in vitamins and minerals, they can be beneficial to a healthy diet.  

To grow greens, you can create a bed in your garden or in a containers if you plan on growing your greens indoors. These plants thrive when grown in extremely warm to hot weather and require access to full sunlight for a good four to six hours per day. If you reside in an area that is always warm, you can grow them at any time, but if you live in a Northeastern or Midwestern region, they should be grown during the summer, when the temperatures are hot. You can ensure your greens will grow healthy and lush by placing a good deal of organic compost matter around the soil and using an all purpose fertilizer like Grower's Secret Flourish.

Lettuce is another green that is very easy to grow. If you choose to grow your own, you will find that you no longer have to shop for lettuce at the grocery store. Like the other types of greens, you can grow it directly in the soil in your garden or by creating a container bed for it. However, unlike the other greens, most varieties of lettuce cannot be grown in hot weather. The plant requires a good deal of shade during the afternoon hours, so choose an appropriate planting location, and should be well watered.

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