May Newsletter - What can we do to reduce stress on plants?


We have all heard about the potential for drought conditions in the US this year and understand the effects on plants and plant stress.

Choosing the wrong type of fertilizer can contribute to that stress keeping plants from reaching their ultimate potential. When plants are under environmental stress soil microbes and plants do not function properly, which could limit the availability of nutrients and amino acids needed for plant growth.

  • Soil microbial populations may not be able to timely provide all the Amino acids and nitrogen needed for optimal plant growth.
  • Plants under stress have to expend substantial amounts of energy to break down protein and organic materials for their use if it is not provided from other sources.

Growers can't control the weather but can potentially reduce plant stress by providing a source of Nitrogen and Amino Acids that are readily available to plants without microbial breakdown or expending significant plant energy.

Grower's Secret Nitrogen 12-0-0 (OMRI Listed) and 15-0-0 for conventional products are Amino Acid based products that provide Nitrogen and Amino acids in a form that are readily available to plants.  This eliminates the stress associated with plant conversion from other sources.

To order or to learn more about how these products can help plants grow under stress give us a call. 888-217-9426 x101

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