Lavender smells better than fish in your organic garden!

Lavender sign

Just about every organic gardener we’ve ever spoken to loves lavender. And just about every “normal” person we've spoken to hates the smell of fish, To us, fish emulsion reminds us of the sea, full of life-giving nutrients. For others, it reminds them of, well, stinky fish. (In reality, the fish smell quickly dissipates.) 

That’s why we put great smelling lavender oil in our Grow Green 521 – to mask the smell of fish emulsion. When it comes to using Grow Green 521 indoors or on your patio to fertilize your beloved plants, vegetables and flowers, we wanted to make sure that it was nothing but a pleasant experience. As a bonus, lavender is known to repel deer, so if you have any deer in your house… Seriously, when you use Grow Green 521 in your yard, on your organic garden, shrubs and trees, the lavender scent helps discourage deer. 

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