Hawaii Business Raises a Mai Tai to Grower's Secret!

Phew! It's good to be back on the Love Your Organic Garden blog! Launching an organic fertilizer company - heck, launching any company - is a lot like planting and nurturing an organic farm or an organic garden. With a little time and patience (and some rich organic fertilizer!) good things invariably begin to take root and grow.

At Grower's Secret we're basking in the warm glow of a number of accomplishments that are definitely "brag worthy." First off, as many of you may know (and as we posted earlier), GS Pro has received OMRI Listing. That's huge!

Organic Materials Certification

Many organic farmers and others who are in the business of organic agriculture rely on OMRI products to maintain their own organic certifications.

In other news, our Grow Big 5-2-1 is certified organic and available for shipping in practically every state in the nation - good news for organic gardeners who are looking for an organic fertilizer that is safe for the family and pets, easy to use and smells great Our organic fish emulsion base smells great because we add lavender oil. (For those of you in CA, OR, NY and FL, don't worry! Grower's Secret will soon be available.)

As we've expanded the distribution of our organic fertilizer, people are starting to take notice - including members of the press. Grower's Secret got an outstanding write up in Hawaii Business Magazine. It's an informative read if you're interested in a little bit of behind-the-scenes info about how the company started and some of the scientific discoveries behind the product. You can link to a copy of the article on our site by clicking here.

Hawaii Business Logo

You can also link to the article on Hawaii Business Magazine's site by clicking here.

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