What is in the Truck??-Registered Organic Fertilizer

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It’s our first order of our new Nature's Balance 231 WSDA (Washington State Department of Agriculture) registered organic fertilizer. 

What is it? Nature’s Balance 2-3-1 Organic is a liquid fish hydrolysate fertilizer concentrate made from fresh fish by-products resulting in a product that is mild in odor. 

The use of low temperature enzymatic hydrolysis in the production process enables the natural proteins, nutrients, hormones, and vitamins present in the fish to stay in their original form. This makes the product readily available to the microbial and fungal life in the soil and for absorption and use by plants. Other processing techniques used to produce fish emulsions and fish meal powders cause these beneficial ingredients to be denatured through exposure to high heat, stripping them of valuable protein and oil content.


What are the benefits? 

  • Provides over 60 trace elements that all plants need for optimum performance
  • Provides a longer lasting time release effect due to its inherent oil content and complex proteins, amino acids and essential fatty acids (Omega 3’s), unlike fish emulsions that are produced using steam.
  • Enhances biological activity in the soil by providing soil microbes and fungi with the natural organic nutrients, proteins, minerals and oils which they need to thrive.
  • As it contains a soil conditioner, Nature’s Balance 2-3-1 Organic restores the proper soil environment which accelerates the natural composting process of after harvest residues, cuttings and other tied up organic and inorganic matter in the soil.
  • Nature's Balance 231 Organic Liquid Fertilizer is National Organic Program (USDA) compliant and is registered for use in organic products in accordance with the Washington State Department of Agriculture Organic Program. 
  • We currently have clients certified by CCOF using this product.


Watch for it...it’s not on the website now, but it will be soon!

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