Secret to Success - Earl Fujitani's Story

Earl Y. Fujitani, eponymous owner and operator of a farm in Kula, Hawaii, is always looking for ways to improve his produce’s quality and increase his harvest.  In 2002, after hearing promises of better crops and higher yields, Earl decided to give Grower’s Secret Pro a try.

Brian Hiromito introduced Earl to Grower’s Secret in 2002.  Earl began using Grower’s Secret Pro as a foliar spray with soluble fertilizer.  He has been applying Grower’s Secret Pro ever since. 

Earl has been overly pleased with Grower’s Secret Pro, citing the many benefits reaped by Grower’s Secret.

“Since using Grower’s Secret, I’ve noticed higher quality produce and an increase in yield per acre,” said Earl. “I’ve also noticed that my produce has a longer shelf life, and a shorter growing period.  Harvesting of the crops is much easier, because of crop uniformity.”

Earl has been a loyal Grower’s Secret user for 9 years—and he would recommend others incorporate Grower’s Secret into their operations too.

“Without hesitation, I would recommend Grower’s Secret to anyone who’s looking to improve any facet of their crop production,” Earl said.  “It’s very easy to incorporate into existing operating practices—and you’ll instantly see results.”

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