Fall Fertilizing: Conditioning soil for a better 2012 growing season

Get the organic fish fertilizer your soil needs NOW! 

Fish emulsion has long been recognized as an excellent cold month soil conditioner.  Yet history can be improved upon!  Cold enzymatic hydrolysis, technically producing “hydrolysate,” preserves more of the inherent fish nutrients.  US-originated fish parts makes it sustainably produced.  WSDA certification means suitable for organic farming.  

Totes to tankers, Grower's Secret's Nature's Balance 231 is the lowest cost, highest quality organic (WSDA) fish fertilizer on the market.  We guarantee it.

Our cold-processed organic liquid hydrolysate fish fertilizer concentrate is superior to most fish emulsions produced using heat and steam.

Why?  Because low-temperature enzymatic hydrolysis enables the natural proteins, nutrients, hormones and vitamins of fish to stay in their original form making them readily available to the microbial and fungal life in the soil

Nature’s Balance 231 provides longer lasting, time-release effect thanks to its inherently preserved oil content, complex proteins, amino acids, and essential fatty acids (Omega 3’s).

Nature's Balance 231 is NOP compliant and registered for use in organic products by WSDA’s Organic program.  Currently, Nature’s Balance 231 is used by CCOF-certified clients.

Suitable for soil drench or foliar application.
Two gallons per 100 gallons water covers ½ acre.

Available in 5 gallon jugs, 55 gallon barrels, 275 gallon totes AND tankers.

Don't hesitate and contact us today!  Email chrisc@growerssecret.com or call him at (888) 217-9426.

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