Don’t Wait Until Cyber Monday, Grower’s Secret™ Now Available on

Grower’s Secret™, a Hawaii-based company specializing in organic, eco-friendly fertilizers and plant aids, announces the opening of the Grower’s Secret Store on  For the past ten years, Grower’s Secret products could only be found in Hawaii.  Now their innovative formulas in eco-responsible packaging are readily available to’s one-hundred-million customers, just in time for holiday gift-giving.


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“Our Amazon store is not only a simpler avenue to help meet the demands of customers, but it also helps build Amazon’s goal of creating a ‘green’ company, which seamlessly aligns with our mission and goals at Grower’s Secret,” said Chaz Berman, CEO, Grower’s Secret.  “We are committed to creating an environmentally and socially responsible company through the use of organic, renewable and sustainable ingredients in all of our product formulas and 100-percent post-consumer packaging.  We are truly proud to be associated with Amazon and contribute to their portfolio of ‘green’ products.”

Grower’s Secret products available for purchase on include:  Grower’s Secret Starter Packs;  Grower’s Secret Pro, available in 1 oz., 4oz. and 1 liter quantities and Grow Big 521, in 8oz., 32oz., 1 gallon and 32oz. ‘ready to use’ jugs.  

“What makes Grower’s Secret products different and more powerful than other organic plant performance enhancers and fertilizers is our proprietary formula made using an edible mushroom to metabolize organic matter, such as excess pineapple juice, that was once considered waste by the canning facilities in Hawaii,” said Wesley Chun, Ph.D., Chief Science Officer, Grower’s Secret.  “The result, which takes eighteen months to reach maturity, is a formula that stimulates cells at the molecular level, entices a plant to speed up its metabolism, and allows it to accept more nutrients and water.  Thus, if a plant is in the vegetative stage it will help with the absorption of nitrogen, and if a plant is in the bloom stage it will help the plant absorb phosphorus, both of which are beneficial in promoting a plant’s health and performance.”

Grower’s Secret is naturally safe for pets, people and indoor/outdoor growing environments.  It contains no pesticides or petrochemicals and provides a rich source of nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium, trace minerals, macronutrients and micronutrients.  

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