Don’t Forget Your Post Harvest Fertilization for Almonds


Post harvest fertilization for almonds is needed to support the development of immature fruits and next year’s buds, blossoms, and early leaves. Since almond trees don’t normally start picking up nitrogen from the soil until late April, a fall application can help prepare trees for the next growing season. Normally 20% of the annual nitrogen needs are applied in the fall while leaves are actively growing when leaf N is 2.5% and lower. However, there are situations where Fall N applications are not needed or should be reduced. Nitrogen is not needed if July leaf N is 2.6% or higher or if yields were low even though leaf N was sufficient. Either skip or reduce N application if there was significant leaf loss due to pest pressure or drought. Remember that the goal is to replace the N removed with the harvest (approximately 65 pounds of N per 1,000 kernel pounds).

Foliar applications of Grower’s Secret Nitrogen (12-0-0) can be very useful for your fall fertilization needs or to rapidly address nitrogen deficiency problems in your orchards. The nitrogen is supplied as amino acids and peptides, building blocks that are rapidly absorbed by leaves and roots and directly used by the plant. There is no salt, ammonia, or nitrates, so there are no issues with salt burning or leaching and ground water contamination. Depending on your leaf analysis, harvested yield, and orchard health, we suggest a post harvest application of 1-3 pounds per acre twice a month with our Grower’s Secret Nitrogen.

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