Happy St. Patrick’s Day

I hope you are all wearing your green today and will be enjoying a corned beef and cabbage dinner with your family and friends. Cabbage was the first successful commercial use of Grower’s Secret Professional (GSP). It took the combined efforts of an experienced grower and a dogged scientist/entrepreneur. Head cabbage crops were uniform in size and ready to harvest two weeks early. The shortened crop cycle and ability to pick 98% of his crop with one pick allowed him to grow four crops in a year here in Hawai’i. He then was able to retire early from the farming industry.

What did we learn from this pivotal moment in time? We learned that GSP acts like a trigger and simply tells the plant to do things faster. So with cabbage, GSP should be applied after side-dressed fertilizer has enough time to diffuse into the root zone.How does this help you? When you use GSP, adequate fertilizer has to be immediately available for the plant to uptake and metabolize. If you are foliar feeding, add GSP to your foliar fertilizer. If you are using granular or time-release fertilizer, give the fertilizer time to be solubilized and available to the plant. Every plant is different so if you need help, don’t be afraid to call. BTW, ask how you can do this 100% organically when you do call


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