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Enhancing Lygus Control in Strawberries - Grower's Secret & NanoCrop

Authored by: West Coast Ag

Enhancing Lygus Control in Strawberry Farming with Grower's Secret & NanoCrop

Strawberry farming has always demanded precision and innovation to ensure a successful and abundant harvest. Discover a powerful combination that not only boosts yields but also provides efficient pest control – the synergy of NanoCrop and Grower's Secret Nitrogen 16-0-0.


Why Choose NanoCrop & Grower's Secret?

NanoCrop is renowned for its colloidal micelle technology, which effectively breaks down surface tension, serving as a formidable pest control agent. Meanwhile, Grower’s Secret has a specialized product which is a nitrogen fertilizer that also enhances spreading and adhesion on plant surfaces. In combination, these products create an effective defense against one of the most challenging pests in strawberry farming: the Lygus bug.

Lygus bug

A Synergistic Approach to Lygus Control

Lygus, often known as tarnished plant bugs, pose a significant threat to strawberry yields, causing deformed strawberries (catfacing) that make fruit less marketable. Effective Lygus control is paramount for any strawberry program aiming for a successful harvest.

Aaron Kucharski, PCA, WCA Sales Director, perfectly explains the effectiveness of this mixture:

"The tank mix of NanoCrop and Grower's Secret 16-0-0 has a synergistic effect when it comes to Lygus control. NanoCrop's colloidal micelle technology can break surface tension and act as an insecticide (membrane distribution of certain insects), while Grower’s Secret 16-0-0 is a fertilizer that appears to chelate and complex products and is reported to act as a spreader sticker when applied."

This means that when Lygus come into contact with strawberries treated with this combination, the

NanoCrop component functions as an insecticide, taking immediate action against the pest. Concurrently, Grower's Secret 16-0-0 provides an available source of nitrogen which plants need to thrive and can help improve the efficacy and availability of other products applied.

A Step Forward for Organic Programs

Organic strawberry programs often face the challenge of finding effective pest control solutions that align with their organic principles. With the NanoCrop and GSN16 combination, they now have an organic-friendly option to address the Lygus issue effectively. However, this product may be used on conventionally produced berries as well.Image_20240305_110243_547 (1)

Final Thoughts

The combination of NanoCrop and GSN16 represents a breakthrough for strawberry farmers. By harnessing the unique strengths of both products, farmers can achieve superior Lygus control, leading to better yields and more visually appealing strawberries.

As technology and farming techniques continue to evolve, it's inspiring to witness such combinations emerge, making farmers' lives easier and enhancing crop productivity and value. Whether you operate a conventional or organic strawberry program, exploring the potential benefits of this innovative mixture could be a gamechanger for your farm.

If you'd like to talk to one of our agronomists about how to incorporate Grower's Secret Nitrogen 16-0-0 into your crop regimen, email us at sales@growerssecret.com or give us a call at (888) 467-4769.

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