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For Organic Production

Soluble Corn Steep Powder 7-6-4

Water Soluble Plant-Based NPK Formula

Derived from Corn Steep Liquor.

Grower's Secret Soluble Corn Steep Powder 7-6-4 provides a well rounded NPK to support abundant root formation and soil microbial activity and prevent or corrects nitrogen, phosphorus, or potassium deficiencies. It's suitable for organic and conventional crop production and can be applied by air or ground through drench, drip, or flood irrigation on soil. 


Guaranteed Analysis 7-6-4
Total Nitrogen (N) 7.0%
  6.81% Water Soluble Nitrogen
  0.19% Insoluble Nitrogen
Available Phosphate (P2O5) 6.0%
Available Potassium (K2O) 4.0%

Product sizes and weights

Soluble Corn Steep Powder 7-6-4, 40lb bag
Soluble Corn Steep Powder 7-6-4, 55 x 40lb bag (Pallet)


Grower's Secret Nitrogen Pallet
2024 OMRI + CDFA-4-color

What is GSCS 7-6-4 made from?

Corn Steep Liquor.

Can it be mixed with other products?

Yes! However, we have not been able to test all combinations of possible mix partners and recommend a small jar compatibility test using product in proportion to field use rates before wide scale use if you are not sure.


Are there any GMO products used in making GSCS 7-6-4?


What is the application rate for GSCS 7-6-4?

2lbs. to 20lbs. per acre when plants are actively growing or as needed according to your nutrient management program based on soil and tissue analysis.

Can GSCS 7-6-4 be run through irrigation?

Corn Steep Powder is virtually 100% water soluble as a stand alone product. Check for physical compatibility tests with other products before wide scale use.

How much of a shelf-life does GSCS 7-6-4 have?

At least 2 years for unopened bags.Re-seal after each use.


Use as part of an overall nutrient management program in organic and conventional production.

Grower's Secret Soluble Corn Steep Powder supports abundant root formation and soil microbial activity.

  • Made from Corn
    Derived from Corn

  • Strong Roots
  • NPK
    Balanced NPK

  • 100% Plant Based