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Nitrogen for Organic and Conventional Production

Grower's Secret Liquid Nitrogen


Soy Based Liquid Hydrolysate For Organic Growing

Derived from soy protein hydrolysate and fermented molasses

Use in commercial production to provide nitrogen to help plants grow quickly, increase seed and fruit production, and improve plant quality and appearance.


Guaranteed Analysis 8-0-0
Total Nitrogen (N) 8.0%
   7.89% Water Soluble Nitrogen
   0.11% Insoluble Nitrogen

Derived from: soy protein hydrolysate and fermented molasses.

Product sizes and weights

55 gallons Net wt. 550 lbs (249 kg)

275 gallons (totes) Net wt. 2750 lbs (1247 kg)

5000 gallons (tankers) Net wt. 50,000 lbs (22,680 kg)



2024 OMRI + CDFA-4-color

What makes GSN8 different from other liquid amino acid based nitrogen fertilizers?

GSN8 is an amino acid based nitrogen product containing Grower's Secret Professional.  Grower's Secret Professional is a plant growth enhancer that has been shown to increase yield and quality in many crops by increasing nutrient uptake.  

Will GSN8 damage or burn my crops?

Grower's Secret 8-0-0 is a low salt containing formulation so when applied alone and at recommended use rates there is almost no chance of burn. If it is being applied in a tank mixture you should run a physical compatibility test and phytotoxicity test on the crop before wide spread application.


What is the shelf life of GSN8?

The shelf life of GSN8 in the unopened container is 2 years when stored away from extreme environmental conditions.

What packaging sizes is GSN8 sold in?

GSN8 is available in 55 gal. and 275 gal. containers.

How is GSN8 applied?

GSN8 can be used as a stand alone product diluted in water prior to application or it can be used in a blend with most fertilizers, nutrients and plant protection products. A small jar compatibility test and phytotoxicity test on the given crop should be conducted before large scale application. GSN8 once diluted to the desired concentration can be applied as a foliar spray or through irrigation. It is recommended to use the diluted product immediately. Do not store diluted product.

What is the proper application rate for GSN8?

Naturally the amount of product to apply depends on the crop, it's stage of growth, plant health and yield potential. Always conduct crop and soil analysis to determine plant needs.In general 1-5 quarts per acre of product can be applied one to two times per month and at selected growth stages which may influence yield and quality. GSN8 is a good fertilizer to use when spoon feeding frequent low amounts of N to manage your crop.


Learn How Hydrolysate Powers Grower's Secret Nitrogen

Tough growing conditions demand Growers Secret Liquid Nitrogen™ - a readily available plant food source containing high levels of nitrogen to increase growth and vitality of growing plants.  Learn More

Grower's Secret Liquid Nitrogen 8-0-0 delivers organic nitrogen for healthier, more robust plants.

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    Soy Based

  • Low Salt

  • Liquid

  • Contains GSP