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Organic Plant Growth Enhancer

Grower's Secret Professional

Increase Uptake Efficiency and Optimize Crop Performance

Grower's Secret Professional (GSP) is a highly concentrated organic (OMRI, CDFA, OIM approved) plant growth enhancer processed from a liquid culture of an edible mushroom grown in a mixture of pineapple juice, papaya puree, and molasses.  

Use in combination with plant fertilizers and supplements to increase uptake efficiency and optimize crop performance.

  • OMRI and CDFA OIM approved for organic food, fiber production
  • Fermented from Mushrooms and Fruit Juices
  • Suitable for use in organic and conventional farming

Download GSP application rates


Total Nitrogen (N) 0.35%
0.01% Ammoniacal Nitrogen
0.34% Other Water Soluble Nitrogen
Available Phosphate (P2O5) 0.05%
Soluble Potash (K2O)  1.0%

Product sizes and weights

GSP 1 fl. oz. Net weight 1.02  oz
GSP 4 fl. oz. Net weight 4.08 oz 
GSP 32 fl. oz. Net weight 2.0 lb 
GSP 128 fl oz. Net weight 9.04 lb
 Grower's Secret Plant Growth Enhancer
2024 OMRI + CDFA-4-color

How is Grower's Secret Professional applied?

Grower’s Secret Professional can be used as a foliar spray, a root soak or in a drip system.  For trees, woody plants and shrubs, trunk and foliage sprays work best for flower set and fruit production.  Apply with or when fertilizer is available to the plant.  Apply 1 fl. oz. per acre, 1  to 2 times per month for vegetative crops.  Apply 0.5 fl. oz. for stressed or damaged plants.  Apply once every three months for trees.  Contact Grower’s Secret for additional help.

Will Grower’s Secret Professional damage or burn my crops?

If used properly, Grower’s Secret Professional will not damage or burn your crops.  However, overdosing with GSP, or using GSP without available fertilizer may cause stress to your plants.  The most common observation in these situations are leaf abscission.  Plants will recover and a new flush of leaves should return in a few weeks.

What packaging sizes is Grower’s Secret Professional sold in?

Grower's Secret Professional is available in 1 ounce, 4 ounce, liter and 1 gallon.

Can Grower's Secret Professional be used through a drip system?

Grower's Secret Professional can be used in a drip system, however it is suggested that you know the cycle of your drip system including the time and the total number of gallons of water used in order to apply the proper amount. It is also recommended that you add it at the end of your drip cycle to prevent over dilution.

What kind of fertilizer should I use?

Grower’s Secret Professional is compatible with almost all fertilizers.  Add to your liquid fertilizer before spraying. Apply GSP as a foliar three days to two weeks after mineralization has occurred if using GSN (2 days) fish emulsion (3 days), urea (1 wk) or ammonia based (2 wks) fertilizers.

What is the shelf life of Grower's Secret Professional?

Grower’s Secret Professional has been pasteurized and in bottled under aseptic conditions.  It is concentrated to twice the density of fruit syrup, essentially a self sterile solution.  An unopened bottle of Grower's Secret Professional can last for two years or more.  An opened bottle may last for 6 months.  Opened bottles will last longer as long as you do not introduce foreign contaminants such as soiled measuring tools or leaving the cap off for extended periods of time.

Is Grower's Secret Professional a fertilizer?

It depends whom you ask. We do not consider it a fertilizer; but to register it in every state, it needs to get placed in a category, and biostimulant is not an option. Grower's Secret Professional is registered as a “specialty fertilizer” in all but two states. In one state it is registered as a “soil amendment,” and in another state it is registered as a “commercial fertilizer.” States interpret federal guidelines differently and create their own regulations, which is why it is classified in one state differently thAn another. At this time bio-stimulants are not a recognized category by the federal government. However, “organic technology” is evolving and we would not be surprised if this becomes its own category soon. The good news is when your product does not fit into an existing category, you have a new invention. Case in point - your car registration was originally classified in the category of “horseless carriage” (1884), but Massachusetts and West Virginia were the first states to have the “automobile registration” category, in 1903.

What is the proper mix ratio for Grower’s Secret Professional?


For trees and shrubs use 8 drops per gallon of water/soluble fertilizer or 2 oz in 125 gallons of water fertilizer per acre or reservoir system every three to four months. You can spray tree bark directly and apply around drip line.

Grower's Secret Professional Case Studies


Read the studies that show the dramatic results obtained with Grower's Secret Professional.

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Grower's Secret Professional is one of the best examples of symbiosis in nature between mushrooms and trees.

  • 1:20000 Dilution
  • Mushroom-70.png
    Mushroom Metabolite

  • Pushes Plant for More

  • 30%+ Increases in Yields