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Potassium for Organic, Transitional, and Conventional Crop Production

Grower's Secret Liquid Seaweed 0-0-4

Plant-Based Liquid Seaweed Extract

Derived from Ascophyllum nodosum

Can be used in organic, transitional, sustainable, and conventional agriculture to promote plant growth and improve crop quality. This product can be applied to crops by air or ground through drench, drip, or flood irrigation on soil. 


Guaranteed Analysis 0-0-4
Soluble Potash (K2O) 4.0%

Derived from: Seaweed extract and potassium hydroxide.

Product sizes and weights

55 gallons Net wt. 528 lbs (249 kg)

275 gallons (totes) Net wt. 2638 lbs (1247 kg)



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How is Grower's Secret Liquid Seaweed 0-0-4 applied?

Grower's Secret Liquid Seaweed 0-0-4 is a fertilizer that can be used as part of a comprehensive nutrient management program. It can be applied as a foliar spray, a root soak or through a drip application on all agricultural crops including trees, woody plants and turf. Liquid Seaweed 0-0-4 can be used to enhance chlorophyll content, root growth and flower set and development and may help improve crop quality. 

Will Liquid Seaweed 0-0-4 damage or burn my crops?

The short answer is no, it won't burn your crops when used as recommended. Grower's Secret Liquid Seaweed 0-0-4 should only be used according to plant needs and suggested use rates.  If you have not used this product before, we recommend that you conduct a small jar compatibility test before mixing products to be applied at the same time in the field and also conducting a small infield phytotoxicity test before you apply it in wide-scale use.


What is the shelf life of Liquid Seaweed 0-0-4?

The shelf life of Liquid Seaweed 0-0-4 in an unopened container is 2 years when stored away from extreme environmental conditions.

What packaging sizes is Liquid Seaweed sold in?

Liquid Seaweed 0-0-4 is available in 55 gal., 275 gal. containers, and tanker loads. Small packaging is available for retail opportunities.

Can this fertilizer be applied through drip irrigation?

Grower's Secret Liquid Seaweed 0-0-4 can be applied through a drip system at suggested use rates. Check system calibration and function to assure even distribution and proper application rates are being applied.

What is the proper application rate for Liquid Seaweed 0-0-4?

Naturally the amount of product to apply depends on the crop, it's stage of growth, plant health and yield potential. Always conduct crop and soil analysis to determine plant needs. In general 1 pint to 1 gallon of product per acre in a minimum of 1:50 dilution in water can be applied at selected growth stages which may influence yield and quality.

Learn About The Benefits of Fertilizing With Seaweed

Tough growing conditions demand Growers Secret Liquid Seaweed 0-0-4 - a readily available plant food source containing potassium and trace nutrients to increase growth and vitality of growing plants.  Learn More

Grower's Secret Liquid Seaweed 0-0-4 delivers organic potassium for healthier, more robust crops.

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