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Grower's Secret

Meet The Team

Grower's Secret is a small but mighty business that has been operating since 1998. Our team is made up of professionals in the agriculture industry, including PhDs, PCAs, CCAs, and plant pathologists. We are dedicated to providing top-quality products and services to our customers and have a strong reputation for excellence in the industry. We have a wealth of knowledge and expertise that allows us to effectively serve our clients' needs and help them succeed in their own agricultural endeavors.

Meet the Team


Chaz Berman

Chief Executive Officer


Dr. Wes Chun, PhD

Chief Science Officer

"Co-Founder of Grower's Secret Professional, Publisher of Grower's Secret Guide to Organics."

Chuck Schiller

Dr. Chuck Schiller, PhD, PCA

Vice President of Technical Sales and Product Development

"Experienced leader in pesticide and fertilizer development and use."


Kim Miller

Executive Director of Sales

"Been with the company for over 10 years providing recommendations to growers around the country"

Wren Coe

Wren Coe

Director of Marketing and Strategy

"Jill of all trades is a master of none, but often times better than a master of one."


Sophie Rogers

eCommerce Manager

"Driven by a passion for sustainable agriculture, I am dedicated to promoting the use of regenerative fertilizers to repair our soil."

Rose Abaya

Rose Abaya


"Been with the company since the beginning!"

Debbie Miller

Debbie Miller

Bookkeeper & Operations

"Highly organized, solutions-focused, and data-driven"

Creig yellow

Creig Murtha

Director of Warehousing & Logistics

"Been with Grower's Secret for almost 13 years"

Brian G

Brian Grenier

Assistant Warehouse Manager

"Happy to be a part of a great team"