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Optimized for Organic Farming

Farms Thrive With Grower's Secret

"I got into growing citrus about 12 years ago, after about 4 years, we changed from conventional growing to organic growing. One of the biggest obstacles was to find products that we could use that would give results. P&T Enterprises has 600 acres of organic citrus and 200 acres of organic dates and the only product I use for my nitrogen is Growers Secret. The response that it has given me is incredible. My trees have never looked better. This product has worked wonderful in our operation. We at P&T Enterprises would be more than happy to talk about our results with anyone that is interested."


       Pat Dockstader
       Grower & Owner, P&T Enterprises


Grower's Secret serves many customers like you.

  • 2020 Fertilized 750,000 Acres

  • 2021 Fertilized 1,500,000 Acres

  • 2022 Fertilized 2,500,000 Acres

  • 2023 Fertilized 3,000,000 Acres
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Tomato Study

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Cucumber Trial

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