"Without data, you are just another person with an opinion” - W. Edwards Deming



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Nitrate Study

Plant Growth Enhancer Proven Effective at Increasing Nitrogen Uptake in Plants.  Read the nitrate uptake study, Increased Uptake and Reduced Runoff with Corn.

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Tomato Study

See the research on how Grower's Secret PROFESSIONAL increased tomato crop yields by 52%.

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Strawberry Study

Foliar applicatio of Grower's Secret PROFESSIONAL increased strawberry yield and ROI by nearly $1000 per acre.

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Broccoli Study

Increasing Broccoli Yield With Grower’s Secret Professional.





Grower's Secret Professional Increases Japanese Cucumber Yields.




Chickpea Study

Chickpea dry land study. Grower's Secret Professional tested as foliar sprays and as a seed treatment. 



Observation Guide

Video comparison demonstrating effectiveness Grower's Secret Professional.



Capabilities & Results

Capabilities of Grower's Secret Professional on a multitude of crops. 



Tomato Trial at Hawaiian Agriculture Research Center

Trial test of Grower's Secret Professional at Hawaiian Agriculture Research Center's Kumia farm.


Micro-Nutrients 2020

The 2020 growing season is upon us. It is time to think about crop fertility and micro-nutrients. The lack of micro-nutrients may affect your production and/or quality.

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Pre-Plant and At Planting Fertilizing

By Dr. Wes Chun Ph.D.  Grower's Secret, Chief Science Officer Applying fertilizers pre-plant and at-planting are beneficial practices to restore soil fertility and grow a successful crop.  Pre-plant ...

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Post-Harvest Fertilization of Tree Crops

By Dr. Wes Chun Ph.D.  Grower's Secret, Chief Science Officer For many crops, post-harvest (the period after harvest and before leaf senescence) fertilization can play an important role in the ...

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Why do farmers trust Grower's Secret Organic Products?

  • We control the manufacturing process, we manufacture ourselves or we import direct from manufacturers that use our processes.
  • We perform exacting procedures to insure you get what you order. 
  • Our products are 3rd party tested and validated before we release them to you.
  • Our manufacturing processes
  • In-country 3rd party testing
  • Confirmation testing in US
  • Food Safety Testing