bugs, bug free

The weather is warm and inviting, drawing you out into your garden for some fresh air and a little rest and relaxation. The bad news? Biting and stinging bugs are enjoying your garden and your home, too. Insecticides are often more dangerous to your health than the damage these bugs can do, and they carry a noxious odor, destroying the serenity of your home and garden. Instead, try adding plants to your garden that deter these pests.

Ants and Cockroaches
Ants and cockroaches are common invaders inside of your home, in your garden and on your picnic blanket. These hungry insects always travel in packs, searching for food, making these uninvited dinner guests a pain to get rid of.

The first step in avoiding this hostile takeover of your kitchen is to keep it clean. Make sure to remove crumbs or spills, take the trash out often and keep food sealed. If they make their selves at home regardless of these efforts, try these natural remedies:
• Most ants and cockroaches cannot stand cucumbers and garlic. Take a few from your vegetable garden and place the garlic cloves or slices of cucumber near their points of entry.
• Catnip and bay leaves are natural repellents for cockroaches. Pick these from your garden or buy them dried or in tea from your local grocery store. Place satchels full near points of entry.
• Mint and lemon are natural repellents for ants. Dry and crush some mint from the garden and sprinkle in areas where they are most active or place a line of fresh lemon juice across their point of entry.