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Being environmentally-conscious is more important now than ever, as California and other states have been experiencing record droughts and issues with salt and nitrate in the soil and ground water are found everyday. You can help do your part to make our nation's agriculture more sustainable by using Grower's Secret products, which offer many environment benefits, including:

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Texas Favorites

As a senior person here in Grower’s Secret I have had the privilege to visit many of our customers across the United States from Hawaii to New York, from Washington to Florida, and many places in between. This position also allows me some discretion to write pieces that are closer to my heart and my history, including about Texas.  I’ve lost my twang and my “ya’ll” but I thought I would focus less on business and more on “preciatin my Texas roots.” I apologize if this inappropriately fills your inbox but this post is just for my Texas folk.