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Avocados–Fewer than 1% avocados tested positive for pesticides.

(CNN) – You can protect yourself from cancer by eating organic, a new study suggests. Those who frequently eat organic foods lowered their overall risk of developing cancer, a study published Monday in JAMA Internal Medicine finds. Specifically, those who primarily eat organic foods were more likely to ward off non-Hod- gkin lymphoma and postmenopausal breast cancer compared to those who rarely or never ate organic foods.

  • More than 68,000 French adults took part in the study
  • Those who ate the most organic food were 25% less likely to develop cancer

Led by Julia Baudry, an epidemiologist at Institut National de la Sante et de la Recherche Medicale in France, a team of researchers looked at the diets of 68,946 French adults. More than three-quar- ters of the volunteers were women, in their mid-40s on average. These volunteers were categorized into four groups depending on how often they reported eating 16 organic products, including fruits and vegetables, meat and fish, ready-to-eat meals, vegeta- ble oils and condiments, dietary supplements and other products.

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A commercial macadamia nut grower recently asked for help starting an organic orchard on recently acquired land. Once part of a large macadamia plantation, the land has lain fallow for multiple years. This would be a challenge for the grower and I since neither of us had operated an organic tree farm. However, it was an opportunity to evaluate organic products from day one and I could not say no. After all, there is a first time for everything.

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Wesley Chun 1Did you know... Dr. Chun is the CSO at Grower’s Secret, Inc. Previously he served for 17 years as an Associate Professor of Plant Pathology and Plant Bacteriology at the University of Idaho. Dr. Chun is recognized internationally as an expert in bacterial identification and food borne toxins.

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Being environmentally-conscious is more important now than ever, as California and other states have been experiencing record droughts and issues with salt and nitrate in the soil and ground water are found everyday. You can help do your part to make our nation's agriculture more sustainable by using Grower's Secret products, which offer many environment benefits, including:

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GSN - OMRI - PalletteGrower's Secret's organic plant based Nitrogen fertilizer, Grower's Secret Nitrogen, has now received OMRI listing!

  • Grower's Secret is offering an organic plantbased Nitrogen fertilizer (12-0-0)
  • Contains calcium, iron, sulfur, zinc, copper, manganese, aluminum and more plus 17 amino acids
  • Your plants will respond quickly with whatever delivery method you use
  • GSN is a readily available source of nitrogen for your plants
  • It smells great! No bio film, no clogging, 100% water soluble
  • It feeds your plants organic nitrogen with less potential for adverse effects than other nitrogen sources 
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