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For Organic & Conventional Production

Grower's Secret Microbes

Grower's Secret Microbes

Plant Nutrient for soil application in Agriculture and Horticulture.

Grower’s Secret Microbes contains a consortium of beneficial microbes that exist in nature. They have been carefully selected and functionally characterized to produce synergistic results in agricultural production. Microbes when used as part of an overall nutrient management program could promote the availability of nutrients, silica and phosphorus. 

Use in organic crop production to promote greener looking plants. Suitable for use on all plant types as a soil fertilizer. 

Contains Non-Plant Food Ingredients

Azospirillum brasilense: 4x107 CFU/mL
Bacillus subtilis: 1x10CFU/mL
Pseudomonas fluorescens: 1x107 CFU/mL
Trichoderma harzianum: 1x10CFU/mL
Trichoderma virens: 1x10CFU/mL
Trichoderma viride: 7x105 CFU/mL

3% Humic Acids (derived from Leonardite)

Product sizes and weights

Grower's Secret Microbes, 2 gallon (7.57 liters)
Grower's Secret Microbes, 200 gallon (757 liters)


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How are Grower's Secret Microbes applied?

Grower's Secret Microbes can be applied pre-plant or in season with standard irrigation or spray application equipment. 

Will Grower's Secret Microbes burn my crop?

Microbe rich fertilizers will normally not burn crops. However, it should not be applied to corps under drought stress conditions. Since it is not possible to test on every crop in various combinations with other products, it is always advisable to run a small test on a portion of the crop before broad-scale applications.


What is the shelf life of Grower's Secret Microbes?

Proper storage requires temperature maintenance between 40 and 80 F. Store upright and vent caps at least once per month. Do not store in direct sunlight.

In what size packages are Grower's Secret Microbes sold?

Grower's Secret Microbes is available in 2 gallon (7.57 liters) and 200 gallon (757 liters) containers.

Can Grower's Secret Microbes be used through irrigation systems?

Yes,  Grower's Secret Microbes is a liquid product that needs to be diluted prior to application. As with any drip and trickle applications it is best to agitate while applying and flush once the application is completed.

What is the proper application rate of Grower's Secret Microbes?

For Agricultural and Horticultural crops 1 or more applications can be applied per season. See a copy of the label for details or consult your local advisor.


Beneficial microbes that may enhance micro-nutrient availability to the plant.

Grower's Secret Microbes is a consortium of beneficial microbes tested and selected for efficacy to promote micronutrient uptake in plants.

  • Year Round

  • No Animal Protein

  • Supports Microbial Activity

  • Liquid