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For Organic Production

Grower's Secret Granules 8-3-1

Protein Hydrolysate NPK Fertilizer

Plant Nutrient for soil application in Agriculture and Horticulture

Use in organic crop production to promote greener looking plants. Suitable for use on all plant types as a soil fertilizer. Can be applied to all organic and conventional crops to correct or prevent nitrogen, phosphate and potassium deficiencies.

  • Protein Hydrolysate based NPK dry pellet fertilizer
  • Can be applied pre-plant, or in season
  • Plant protein based fertilizer
  • Low salt, nitrate and ammonia formulation


Guaranteed Analysis 8-3-1

Total Nitrogen (N) 8.0%
  5.0% Water Soluble Nitrogen
  3.0% Insoluble Nitrogen

Available Phosphate (P2O5) 3.0%
Soluble Potash (K2O) 1.0%
Calcium (Ca) 2.0%

Derived from : soy protein hydrolysate, soft rock phosphate, and seaweed

Product sizes and weights

Grower's Secret Granules 8-3-1, 50 lb. bags
Grower's Secret Granules 8-3-1, 44 x 50lbs pallet
Grower's Secret Granules 8-3-1, 1225 lb. super sacks


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How is Grower's Secret 8-3-1 granular applied?

Grower's Secret 8-3-1 can be applied pre plant or in season with standard granular application equipment.  Consult your local equipment representative for calibration information. 

Will Grower's Secret 8-3-1 granules burn my crop?

Protein hydrolysate based fertilizers will normally not burn crops.  Since it is impossible to test on every crop in all situations it is always advisable to run a small test on a portion of the crop before broad-scale applications. 


What is the shelf life of Grower's Secret 8-3-1 granules?

The shelf life of grower's Secret 8-3-1 granules is at least 2 years if stored in unopened bags under standard storage conditions for packaged fertilizers.

What package sizes is Grower's Secret 8-3-1 granules sold in?

Grower's Secret 8-3-1 is available in 50 lb. bags, and in 1225 lb. super sacks.

Can Grower's Secret 8-3-1 granule be used through irrigation systems?

No,  Unlike other GS products that are nearly 100% water soluble, the 8-3-1 granules are intended to be applied dry and not through irrigation.  

What is the proper application rate of Grower's Secret 8-3-1 granule?

The application rate is dependent on crop, crop stage, weather and soil conditions and nutrient availability.  It is recommended that a leaf and soil analysis are conducted to determine the correct rate of product to be used.  


Vegetable protein based NPK fertilizer for soil application in Agriculture and Horticulture

Grower's Secret 8-3-1 delivers organic nutrients for healthier, more robust plants.

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    Year Round

  • Low Salt

  • Low Nitrate

  • Plant Based