The Grower’s Secret Story

Grower’s Secret was founded in the Hawaiian Islands in 1998. The product was discovered by Bryan Hiromoto on the island of Maui, while producing edible mushrooms for the fresh market. 

Grower's Secret Professional is used in organic farming and agriculture and called a Plant Growth Enhancer. Grower’s Secret Professional signals a plant’s internal systems to operate more efficiently, thereby getting more access and benefit from fertilizer and other soil nutrients.

It took 10 years to perfect our complex production process, and an additional 4 years of rigorous applied research on a variety of crops to prove the material provides brag worthy results.

Grower’s Secret Professional has been shown to encourage plants to grow up to 30% larger, with more marketable fruit and reduced growing cycles. It can be universally added to any fertilizer and applied by soil drench or heavy foliar spray.

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