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For many gardeners February isn’t just a time to celebrate love for their significant other but a time to celebrate their love of gardening as well. The garden starts to show the tiniest bit of life, seed catalogues are coming in and seeds are being started indoors. Forget the traditional rose bouquet and box of chocolates and show your lovable gardener you care with these creative garden-themed Valentine’s Day ideas.

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One of the biggest trends of the year, is growing gardens with a purpose. Gone are the days of having a garden just for its beauty. Lawns are being made into meadows with native plants, vegetables and fruits are grown to sustain families and pollinator gardens are grown with natural materials to help sustain the earth.

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Grower's Secret has arrived at the National Hardware Show in Las Vegas.  We are here to share with you our all organic fetilizer.  You will not want to miss seeing us so stop by and say hello to the Team!!!  We are at Booth 8261 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

organic gardening, growers secret, Grower's Secret Pro, sustainability

Grower's Secret was looking for a world-class public relations firm with a passion for environmentally sustainable business practices and a genuine interest in the opportunity to educate consumers about organic gardening, sustainable agriculture and a host of other issues important to cleaning up our food chain and our environment. The fact that the firm - Black Twig - has a name that conjures nature, well, that was just a bonus for us.