Strawberry Study

Strawberry Study

Effects of Foliar Application of Grower's Secret Professional applied to Strawberry


  • Adding Grower's Secret Professional to the standard fertility program significantly increased yields and quality
  • Higher Cumulative Marketable Production
  • Higher Net Return ($965/a over same treatment without Grower's Secret Professional)
  • No negative effects on plants, no phytotoxicity, no application issues

Corn Steep Dry Powder Approved in WA

Grower's Secret is pleased to announce that its new material, Corn Steep Dry Powder, received approval from Washington State. If you want to learn more about Corn Steep Liquor Powder's history and ...

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Seaweed on Almonds

The Importance of Potassium (K) in Almonds Potassium is major nutrient for almonds. It is involved in enzyme activation, photosynthesis, sugar translocation, protein synthesis, starch synthesis, and ...

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