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Organic Nitrogen Can Enable Improved Yields And Healthier Plants 

As any farmer or agriculturalist knows, nitrogen is a critical food for any crop or plant in every growing condition. Tough growing conditions in particular demand Grower’s Secret organic nitrogen products, a readily available plant food source containing high levels of amino acids to increase growth and vitality of growing plants.

Organic Nitrogen 14-0-0 is an all-natural, nitrogen organic fertilizer that improves the health of plants, increases crop yields and is safe for the environment. The industry leading product is based on decades of research and scientific study into all-natural compounds that significantly stimulate plant growth. It is OMRI listed and CDFA registered. Derived from soy protein hydrolysate, the organic plant fertilizer can be used in any commercial or personal production environment to directly provide nitrogen to feed any crops. 

Pallet of Grower's Secret Nitrogen

Able to be applied through any form, including through a drip system, Organic Nitrogen 14-0-0 has a shelf life of approximately two years from the date of purchase and is available in fifty-pound bags, a pallet of 44 fifty-pound bags, or a super sack of 1225 pounds of fertilizer for large scale production. The guaranteed analysis of every bag is:

  • Total Nitrogen (N) of 14.0%
  • 13.89% water soluble nitrogen
  • 0.11% insoluble nitrogen

Safe for any crop, Organic Nitrogen 14-0-0 provides the majority of nitrogen in the form of amino acids that are readily taken into the plant under either warm or cool conditions. There is no salt buildup and therefore little chance of fertilizer burn. The product is a dry hygroscopic powder which can be used dry or blended with other fertilizers for direct application.

While the amount of fertilizer needed varies by the plant, its stage of growth, its health and yield potential, in general Organic Nitrogen 14-0-0 should be used at a rate of between two and ten pounds per acre, one to two times per month. The product is the perfect fertilizer to use to spoon feed frequent, low amounts of nitrogen when managing a crop.

Grower’s Secret nitrogen delivers amino acids for healthier, more robust plants and improved yields. The industry leading company partners with all of its customers, delivering exceptional customer service and working together to grow their business. With four organic fertilizer products all designed to help farmers and the earth, the company is continually conducting research to develop additional innovative organic solutions so farmers have more choices to sustainably grow crops with little risk to the environment.

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