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As any farmer or agriculturalist knows, nitrogen is a critical food for any crop or plant in every growing condition. Tough growing conditions in particular demand Grower’s Secret organic nitrogen products, a readily available plant food source containing high levels of amino acids to increase growth and vitality of growing plants.

organic fertilizer, grower's secret

Grower's Secret 521 organic plant energizer with fish emulsion
Here’s what I can tell you… Grower’s Secret Pro (GSPro) is an all-natural product derived from a brewing process involving pineapple juice, pureed papaya, molasses, and an edible symbiotic mushroom.  After a defined incubation period, the entire culture is heated (to kill the fungus), filtered (to remove debris), heated and reduced to a concentrate that is our final product intended for commercial agriculture, Grower’s Secret Pro. GSPro is designed for commercial agriculture and works in conjunction with fertilizer to stimulate root growth, foliar growth, flower numbers, fruit size and uniformity.