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Grower's Secret Nitrogen

Grower's Secret


100% natural fertilizer derived from all plant sources
An economical, effective substitute for chemicals
Pleasant aroma - contains no animal products

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Grower's Secret Professional

Grower's Secret Professional

The organic plant growth enhancer discovered on Maui is now patented in 157 countries. This unique, proprietary product commands a plant to grow faster and larger.

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GSN is OMRI Listed!

Certified OIM 12-0-0 Nitrogen is now OMRI Listed for your organic growing!


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See the research on how Grower's Secret PROFESSIONAL increased tomato crop yields by 52%


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Grower's Secret - Our Discovery

Strawberry Study

Grower's Secret PROFESSIONAL increased yield and ROI by nearly $1000 per acre!


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Side by side video comparing kidney beans with and without Grower's Secret Professional.


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Grower's Secret - Kidney Bean Growth Comparison