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Grower's Secret is pleased to announce that its new material, Corn Steep Dry Powder, received approval from Washington State.
If you want to learn more about Corn Steep Liquor Powder's history and the ways it can enhance your crops productivity we have an informative article written by own Chief Science Officer, Dr. Wes Chun.

  • Corn Steep Liquor compared to other fertilizers
  • Environmental impacts
  • Direct and indirect usage compared

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Corn Steep Powder (CSP) is a fine, yellow to yellow-brown, water-soluble powder made by spray drying corn steep liquor (CSL). Corn steep liquor is a concentrated liquid derived from the water that is used in the initial stage of the corn wet milling process. Once considered a waste stream byproduct, its properties lent well for other uses.  The tan to brown liquid is denser than water and has an acid pH (3.7 - 4.7). Since it contains 40 to 60% water soluble corn solids, it has a variety of nutrients. CSL has nitrogen in the form of amino acids and peptides, macro and micronutrients, and vitamins.  Because of this, it is particularly useful as an ingredient in microbiological growth media, or can be combined with gluten into an animal feed supplement. Most recently it has been shown to be useful as a fertilizer, for the production of food, in the production of microbial products, and has some industrial applications.