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As any farmer or agriculturalist knows, nitrogen is a critical food for any crop or plant in every growing condition. Tough growing conditions in particular demand Grower’s Secret organic nitrogen products, a readily available plant food source containing high levels of amino acids to increase growth and vitality of growing plants.

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Allergy season is in full swing in most parts of the country; turning cars a peculiar shade of green, causing Kleenex stocks to rise and giving allergy sufferers a wide range of uncomfortable symptoms. Allergies can cause sneezing, wheezing, coughing, headaches and worse but they shouldn’t keep you from enjoying your garden. Instead, re-evaluate your garden, replacing allergy-causing plants with those that will not contribute to your symptoms and redesign your gardening routine and habits.

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The Organic Movement to bring sustainable and healthful practices to farming practices and food products has been around for more than a century and seems it is here to stay, gaining in popularity by the minute. Today, the organic industry is one of the fastest growing sectors of the food and agriculture industry and consumers have shown that they are willing to pay a good price for good food.

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Grower's Secret has arrived at the National Hardware Show in Las Vegas.  We are here to share with you our all organic fetilizer.  You will not want to miss seeing us so stop by and say hello to the Team!!!  We are at Booth 8261 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.